Our therapeutic targets

Gastrointestinal health

Film-Forming Technology (FFT)

Votaniche has implemented Film-Forming Technology to provide multiple unique benefits to its medical devices. When applied to the skin or mucosa, this technology combines particular and carefully selected ingredients to create an abrasion-resistant film. The benefits of this innovative film are: • Fast action • The prolonged beneficial contact of the active ingredients with the suffering area • Convenience on daily activities, e.g., dressing up, washing, etc. • Increased compliance • Easy application on large or curved affected areas

VotaRoid FFE

VotaRoid FFE is a novel medical device in emulsion form for hemorrhoids, using the Film-Forming Technology. It is applied to either external or internal hemorrhoids to help reduce the symptoms of inflammation (e.g., discomfort, erythema, itching, burning) through a physical mechanism; it may also be used for prevention.

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