Innovative products with premium plant extracts

In Votaniche, we specialize in developing food supplements, medical devices, and cosmetics combining extracts from Greek medicinal plants with other natural raw materials. We emphasize the quality of each component, innovation, and scientific documentation. Our product portfolio provides a range of health benefits to people who care about their health and well-being.

What we do

We inject creativity into every single step

We develop products with unique features offering valuable solutions for various human disorders.

Our decisions are based on scientific documentation

As science is in progress, we are constantly looking for proof evidence. Our scientific research focuses on data for the safety and efficacy of the ingredients we use. To complete our documentation, we include scientific data from our studies.

We provide optimal formulation

Well-documented Greek herbal extracts are among the major components of our products’ formulations. We collaborate with Academic Institutes (Universities, Research Laboratories, etc.) and other companies to ensure the qualitative and quantitative composition for the best outcome.

We offer finished products that meet your needs

We design our products with our minds focused on our customers but also the consumers’ needs.

Combining modern technology with experience

Our company is taking advantage of the latest technological achievements in research and development. The accumulated experience of decades from the pharmaceutical industry is implemented in our products.

Added value products

Greek and Mediterranean flora have a wide variety of medicinal plants. In Votaniche, we evaluate the properties of their extracts and incorporate them in our formulations to develop products with remarkable features.

Votaniche offers innovative products in therapeutic areas where there is a gap in available solutions.



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Friday, 26 May 2023

The company joined Vitafoods Europe 2023