VotaMucoral FFS is a medical device using the Film-Forming Technology. It is a mouthwash gel that forms a film on the oropharyngeal mucosa, allowing the better and prolonged action of its ingredients. It is used for alleviation of symptoms in oral mucositis and xerostomia related to chemotherapy and radiotherapy as well as several diseases like diabetes, adverse medicinal effects, dental and orthodontic procedures, or application of multiple types of implants as well as to aphthous stomatitis.

VotaThroat FFS spray is a medical device for oral care, using the Film-Forming Technology. It forms a film on the oral and pharyngeal mucosa, allowing its components’ prolonged action. It relieves the symptoms of the oral and pharyngeal cavity, such as sore throat caused by viral or bacterial infections.

VotAtop FFE is an innovative cream indicated for the fast and prolong relief of symptoms such as inflammatory erythema, dry skin, itching, urticarial (hive), rough and scaly skin plaques, due to radiation dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, and stasis dermatitis. VotAtop FFE is a medical device that uses the Film-Forming Technology.

VotaPlast FFS is a gel sprayed on non-bleeding wounds to protect the wounded skin and enhance its healing, using the Film-Forming Technology. After its application, users can immediately notice the existence of a transparent membrane, which remains in the injured area even after contact with water. VotaPlast FFS is a Class I medical device in a spray bottle for user-friendly application.

VotaScar SFFS is an advanced Silicone gel for topical use to reduce and flatten scars, to soften and smoothen them, to maintain the skin’s moisture and pH balance. It is a medical device, which uses the Film-Forming Technology. When applied e.g., to old wounds that have been completely healed but have left hypertrophic keloids or scars, it forms a protective film. It replenishes epidermal lipids, usually lacking in scar tissue, to soften the area and alleviate the discomfort and itching caused by dryness. It reduces redness and discoloration.

VotaRoid FFE is a novel medical device in emulsion form for hemorrhoids, using the Film-Forming Technology. It is applied to either external or internal hemorrhoids to help reduce the symptoms of inflammation (e.g., discomfort, erythema, itching, burning) through a physical mechanism; it may also be used for prevention.